LaidOpen explores the naked truth about sexuality, from trauma to transcendence. Join us for honest conversations whether you are turned on or can’t find the switch. Get questions answered about how to take baby steps towards having connected sex. This podcast is for post-trauma thrivers and their loved ones to understand how all forms of trauma affect sexual expression.

Charna has spent over two decades helping people heal and find pleasure in their bodies. Every week she shares her own story, answers your questions, offers practical exercises, and interviews other survivors, as well as experts and authors in the field of somatics, trauma, healing modalities, mindfulness, and the arts.

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Episode 12. Living an UnRepressed Life featuring Tara Nicholle-Kirke


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In today’s episode of LaidOPEN Podcast, Charna welcomes a powerhouse guest, Tara Nicholle-Kirke, a globally recognized unrepression expert and former CMO of MyFitnessPal. Together they explore mindful parenting, befriending criticism, and spiritual dating. Plus, they tackle some very big topics including defining trauma, how productivity is rooted in slavery, as well as, Marie Kondoing your whole life. Charna explains her concept “Asshole Angels” and Tara prescribes an exercise for dating with freedom.